About f🤬king time. I have so many things to complain about.
I have so many things to complain about.

Anyone else noticed that many blogs’ posts are exclusively about the blog itself? Things like a first “Hello, World!” post, a post apologizing for not writing as much, one about moving to a different static site generator, or even one of the many posts get thrown onto Reddit or Hacker News telling you to start a blog for good reason?

Yeah. This is one of those “Hello, World!” posts; the latest in several attempts at me starting a blog. Unlike previously, I came prepared this time. I collected my drafts and got cracking on something not only useful but also one that should work on mobile devices. You would not believe how difficult it is to make the same site look good on a desktop and a phone. Most of that effort is in mindset and realizing content should flow instead of breaking them down into a hundred different media queries.

Call this a manic episode if you must, but there’s so much I want to get done now. I just hope this feeling sticks around a week later…